Our Lovely Shop

Hello Bagel Lovers!

It’s time to give you some news about the wonderful world of The Whole Bagel in our BIG NEW SHOP!

Actually, our shop’s not actually that new anymore, we’ve been living at 8 Upper Borough Walls for nearly 8 months now and we very happy in our new home.

There have been some big changes that we’ve had to get used to in our new home, including … getting used to spending more time with our customers!  This is because we’re not just a takeaway anymore, we have a cafe upstairs (hooray!)  People can sit in our bagel haven and have wonderful food and drinks brought to them … it really is a big change!!! (but a big change that we LOVE).  Extra exciting news for those who want to eat in with us is that your bagel will be accompanied  by a side garnish (another hooray!)  This pot of deliciousness changes weekly so you can have a lovely surprise every time you visit.

Inabit Bagel Lovers,

The Bagelers xxx