The Bagel Team

Hello Bagel Lovers!

With space for bagel eaters to sit, and lots more bagel lovers developing in Bath … we’ve had to get used to lots more staff! We are now a team of 11 bagel loving bagelers (a term for a member of staff at The Whole Bagel).  And believe it or not, they all  really do love bagels … and to prove that this is true, let me tell you about a few of the bagelers …

Sophie Bagels loves bagels so much that she is always on the hunt for super delicious combinations of ingredients to put in her bagel.  Last week she made a bagel with cream cheese, tomato chutney, hummus, guacomole, balsamic dressing, dill pickles and bacon.  We’re not convinced that Sophie enjoyed her bagel but we are really pleased to see her so keen to find new bagel filling ideas.

Jasmine Bagels loves bagels so much that she is designing a range of cards with a theme of … bagels.  And we will support her all the way, who wouldn’t want to have a bagel on a card sent to them?! Birthdays, Weddings, New Homes, New Babies and Anniversaries should certainly be celebrated with a reminder to eat bagels.  We’re looking forward to seeing the prototypes!

Lucy Bagels love bagels so much that she has written a song about them.  She is now in the middle of writing an album … ‘The Songs of The Whole Bagel’.  When we say in the middle … it’s taken her 3 months to write one song, so an album looks a long way off, but the first song has gone down a treat.  We’re really excited to see what she comes up with next!

Inabit Bagel Lovers,

The Bagelers xxx